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Dew Point Meter
It is able to measure Ambient Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity and PPM.

Dew Point Meter
It is able to measure Ambient Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity, PPM and Thermocouple Temperature.

Thermal Resistance Thermometer
Industrial Contact Thermometer, PT1000 Thermal Resistance Sensor, 0.01 Resolution, Accuracy ±0.1℃. With data memory and view functions.

Thermocouple Thermometer
Industrial Contact Thermometer, 1 Sampling Channel, 0.01 Resolution, High Accuracy.

Thermocouple Thermometer
Industrial Contact Thermometer, 2 Sampling Channels, 0.01 Resolution, High Accuracy.

Thermocouple Thermometer
Industrial Contact Thermometer, 3 Sampling Channels, 0.01 Resolution, High Accuracy.

About Us

Qingdao Realltech Instrument Co.,Ltd established in 2019, is a professional manufacturer of meters and instruments in China. The main products includes Vibration Meter, Resisitance Thermometer, Thermocouple Thermometer, Dew Point Meter, Temperature and Humidity Meter, Sound Level Meter, Surface Roughness Tester, Gloss Meter, Reflectance Meter, Window Tint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Leakage Detector, Moisture Meter, Water Activity Meter, Whiteness Meter, Stroboscope, Tachometer, Lux Meter, Hardness Tester, Digital Force Gauge, Tension Tester, Color Meter, Density Meter and etc. Widely used in electronic appliances, industrial textiles, construction hardware, petrochemical, power machinery, heating and cooling, surveying and mapping, automotive manufacturing, metallurgical forging and other industries.

Realltech is based on providing high-quality instruments and meters for measurement and testing in various production and manufacturing industries. Realltech is committed to providing more professional and comprehensive testing and measurement services for different users, and continues to grow into a manufacturer specializing in the instrumentation industry.

Since the foundation of the company, Realltech has been oriented to the market and customer needs, and constantly meet the needs of the market and customers. Realltech adheres to the spirit of technological innovation and management innovation, concentrates on researching new technologies and new technologies, and provides customers with all kinds of precision instruments and meters while providing high-quality services.

Looking forward to the future, Realltech will continue to focus on technological innovation, aiming at providing accurate and high-quality measuring instruments and meters, constantly striving for excellence and dedication.

Realltech sincerely looks forward to working with you to achieve win-win!

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Realltech Instrument provide OEM/ODM services, and customize unique instrument products for customers, so that the product is different from other products of the same type in terms of shape, color and function.

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