Dew Point Meter-RTM2600


It is a hand-held digital dew point meter. The meter can quickly respond to temperature and humidity measurements in the industrial range. It is also capable of measuring temperature and humidity in a variety of complex environments. Used in laboratories, precision manufacturing, modern agriculture, meteorological measurement, chemical and pharmaceutical fields.



•  Digital display.
•  Dew point temperature measurement.
•  Wet bulb temperature measurement.
•  High resolution.
•  High accuracy.
•  Temperature unit (°F/°C).
•  Automatically power off.
•  Maximum and minimum values display.
•  Display three values ​​at the same time.


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Ambient Temperature

Range: -40°F~257°F(-40°C~125°C)

Accuracy: ±0.5°F(32°F~149°F)(±0.3°C(0°C~65°C))

Resolution: 0.1°F, 0.1°C

Relative Humidity

Range: 0~100%RH

Accuracy: ±3%RH(10~90%RH)

Resolution: 0.1%RH

Dew Point Temperature

Range: -40°F~257°F(-40°C~125°C)

Resolution: 0.1°F, 0.1°C

Wet Bulb Temperature

Range: -4°F~104°F(-20°C~40°C)

Resolution: 0.1°F, 0.1°C

Temperature Unit


Operating Conditions

Temperature: 32°F~122°F(0°C~50°C);

Humidity: <85%RH

Storage Conditions

Temperature: -4°F~140°F(-20°C~60°C)

Humidity: <90%RH

Power Supply

4×1.5V AAA(UM-4) Batteries




Standard Accessories

Main Unit ×1

Manual ×1

Carrying Case ×1

AAA(UM-4) Battery ×4


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