Thermocouple Dew Point Meter-RTM2612


It is a high accuracy of professional dew point meter. It is able to measure Ambient Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity, PPM. It can quickly respond to temperature and humidity measurements in the industrial range. It is also capable of measuring temperature and humidity in a variety of complex environments. Widely used in laboratories, precision manufacturing, modern agriculture, meteorological measurement, chemical and pharmaceutical fields.



• Large LCD with display. It can display three values at the same time.
• Ambient Temperature measurement.
• Dew Point Temperature measurement.
• Wet Bulb Temperature measurement.
• Relative Humidity measurement.
• Absolute Humidity measurement.
• PPM measurement.
• Thermocouple Surface Temperature measurement.
• Temperature unit (°C/°F).
• 0.01 resolution, High accuracy.
• Maximum and minimum values display.
• With the displayed values hold function.

• Automatically power off.


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  Ambient TemperatureRange-30~120℃ (-22~248℉)
   Accuracy±0.4℃ (90~120℃)
±0.2℃ (60~90℃)
±0.1℃ (20~60℃)
±0.2℃ (-30~20℃)
  Resolution0.01 (<100)
0.1 (Other)
  Relative HumidityRange0~100%RH
  Accuracy±1.5%RH (0~80%RH)
±2%RH (80~100%RH)
  Dew Point TemperatureRange-45~120℃ (-49~248℉)
  Resolution0.01 (<100)
0.1 (Other)
  Wet Bulb TemperatureRange-20~40℃ (-4~104℉)
  Resolution0.01 (<100)
0.1 (Other)
  Absolute HumidityRange0~400g/m³
Resolution0.01 (<100)
0.1 (Other)
  Thermocouple Surface TemperatureTypeK-type
  Range-50~200℃ (Take the larger value)
  Accuracy±1℃ or ±1%Num (-30~20℃)
  Resolution0.1 (<100)
1 (Other)
  Temperature Unit℃/℉
  Operating Conditions  Temperature0~50℃ (32~122℉)
  Storage Conditions  Temperature-10~60℃ (14~140℉)
  Power Supply4×1.5V AAA(UM-4) Batteries
  Weight186g (Not Including Batteries)
Standard Accessories

Main Unit ×1

Manual ×1

TP-202 Thermocouple ×1

Carrying Case ×1

AAA(UM-4) Battery ×4